Building Foundations

For Lasting Relationships

With Our Clients

& Sub Contractors

The core management team has remained constant throughout the journey creating

a valued and long standing close knit family atmosphere.

People Power

M A N A G I N G   D I R E C T O R


Theo Meredith

Achieving a Diploma of Building in his early

twenties, Theo stems from a proud building

heritage of over 50 years, with both his father

and brother, directors of their own tier one building companies.

Founding TDM Constructions, Theo has

consistently displayed a grounded

and reliable set of leadership skills

with the TDM senior management team all being long standing employees, each helping build 

TDM Constructions from it's founding years 

to the company it is today. 

With an open class builders license

and 20 + years experience within

the building industry,

Theo has led by example,

establishing a highly

respected team of trade

professionals, each displaying ongoing commitment to

 company excellence

as long term employees

in a close knit and genuine

family atmosphere.



Renee Meredith

Theo's pillar, confidant and co-director

of TDM Constructions.

Renee brings a wealth of experience from

the banking fraternity with a 15 + year

career with specialist expertise within

the areas of office organisation and

efficiency protocol.

With a friendly and approachable nature,

Renee offers astute service being available

to clients, account holders

and all TDM staff.



Anne Enkelaar

Further showcasing the stability and close

knit family atmosphere at TDM, Anne has

also been an extremely valuable team member being with the company for over 10 years.

Also from a banking background, Anne

delivers a highly developed skill set for

all areas of office administration and

TDM company financials.

B U I L D I N G   C A D E T


Carter Oliver

Being groomed as the next generation

of TDM senior management, Carter

works closely with Kees, Theo and the

admin team developing his skill set within

the areas of estimating, general contract administration, and the day to day running

of a building company.

Carter has displayed a genuine passion

for building design and construction,

actively taking any opportunity to visit

the numerous TDM project sites to gain

as much first hand knowledge as possible.

Ensuring TDM Constructions

excellent name for

payment punctuality,

Renee co-ordinates and oversees

 all areas of office administration,

working closely with Theo

and the complete TDM

senior management team.

Co-ordinating all aspects of TDM administration, Anne

is responsible for general admin, cashflow, accounts payable

and financial control.

Anne is a bright and energetic personality, bringing a fun,

astute and polite demeanour,

being available to clients,

account holders and all TDM staff. 

A valued focus on developing future leaders and senior management

within the company,

TDM Constructions places

genuine value on the development

of Carter's building industry skill set and values of integrity, reliability

and friendly professional service.

C O N S T R U C T I O N   M A N A G E R


Paul Besgrove

Right beside Theo and Renee for over

14 years, Paul has been there right

from the beginning.


With an open builders license and trade

as a blocklayer, Paul has been a major

ongoing strength for the company

with a genuine care and responsibilty

taken on a personal level to guarantee

absolute success for each project.


The entire TDM Constructions senior

management team have established

themselves as highly respected professionals working as a close knit

team in a genuine family atmosphere. 



Zoran Makic

Both a carpenter and plasterer by trade,

Zoran has achieved a 30+ year career in the construction industry, having also built

exceptional credibility and name with his

eye for detail.

A quality tradesman, Zoran has additionally delivered an extensive folio of diverse building

projects fulfilling managerial roles.

Building projects of highlight

within Paul's building career

include the Versace on the

Gold Coast.

Respected within the industry for his professional expertise and upbeat personality, Paul is an astute professional focused on project excellence, having earnt an

impressive folio of

successful projects.

Being a straight shooter &

a trade professional who strives

for perfection, Zoran embodies

the TDM Constructions name

for project excellence.

Commercial, Residential

& Industrial Builders

Mutual Success

Genuine levels of professional corteous

service build the way for mutually successful

and rewarding projects all designed, built

and delivered with meticulous attention

to detail and focused commitment

of the highest level.

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