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©  2 0 2 0   T D M   C O N S T R U C T I O N S

©  2 0 2 0    A L L   R I G H T S   R E S E R V E D

We are a company that has,

at its core, a team philosophy

that is clearly apparent each

and every day.


'There is a real sense

of being there for

one another'.



We believe in nurturing the skills

of our team members and providing

growing levels of responsibility.

At TDM you will find an organisation

built upon collaboration, communication

and innovation.

We are a company that prides itself on

its 'family' culture and we seek out

(and attract) high calibre people.

Health & Safety

Management System

The TDM Constructions Health & Safety

management system promotes health

and safety management and awareness

across the organisation from the

proposal and design stage of all

projects through to practical

completion and handover to

the client.

Workplace Health & Safety is of critical

importance in the planning, organisation

and undertaking of TDM Constructions


It is the policy of TDM Constructions to

conduct its activities in such a way that

the health, safety and well being of

employees and sub contractors is not

in any way impaired or prejudiced as

result of working within of for the


Commercial, Residential

& Industrial Builders

Positive, Enthused

Team Members

The valued culture at TDM is a major

foundation block in the success of all

areas of the company, this very culture

ensures exclusive clients of TDM receive

genuine, caring service that is astute,

consistent and of the highest quality.

A welcoming arrival when you visit

your project, every time... greeted by

positive, enthused staff, each eager

to continue building the brand,

proud of what we stand for and

our valued family atmosphere.

'Re-investing in the next

generation of TDM

senior management

with highly valued

cadets & apprentices'