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A Career With

TDM Constructions

We are a company that

prides itself on its 'family'

culture, seeking out

and attracting a high calibre

of people.

At TDM you will find an organisation built upon collaboration,

communication and


Investing In Our People

At TDM Constructions we support your

development and reward high achievement.

Our proven 'family' culture encourages

staff to grow with the organisation, we

place a high priority on the retention

and development of our people, enjoying

long and mutually rewarding relationships

with each of our valued team members.

If you would like to submit your expression

of interest in career opportunities at TDM,

please email us your details in the email

field below.

Our approachable and courteous team

will be in contact shortly. 


Thankyou for your interest in TDM Constructions.

TDM Constructions Pty Ltd


Theo Meredith

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8/10 Technology Drive

Arundel Qld 4214


PO Box 1287

Oxenford Qld 4210

Commercial, Residential

& Industrial Builders

Pillars Of Strength

As testiment to the stability and family

culture at TDM, each of the senior management

team have been a valued pillar of strength

to the company, providing a wealth of

knowledge, loyalty and expertise over

10 plus years each.

We believe in giving back, rewarding team

members for excellence of service,

with the ongoing opportunity

for additional training and advancement

within the company.

'Innovative design

& proceedures,

all built on a solid

array of talent

& experience'