Capability Statement 



TDM Constructions is an Australian building and construction company established in 2003. Employing 35 to 50 specialised staff, TDM Constructions turns over in excess of 30 million dollars annually.


Success In Repeat


Specialising in multi level apartment complexes, TDM Constructions also deliver complete building services for the commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Warehouses, carparks and industrial office buildings feature in the TDM Constructions folio along with an extensive range of homes, high rise city towers, multi level apartment complexes and custom renovation projects.

TDM Constructions deliver projects right across the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions including the Ipswich and Logan shires.

Multi Project


Featuring an established and highly experienced 'inhouse' team of blocklayers, formworkers and specialist tradespeople enables TDM Constructions to deliver up to 4 construction projects and 100's of units at any one time.

Established blockwork teams enable TDM Constructions to carry out dozens of simultaneous masonry projects.

The Company places ultimate priority on exceeding each clients expectations,

in turn developing long term mutually rewarding working relationships.

These exact same relationships have seen TDM Constructions consistently win ongoing project business from a small group of loyal developers.

The Complete Suite

of Specialist Services

Design & Construction of Building Works


Lump Sum General Construction Contract Works


Project Management Services


Renovations Extensions & Alterations

Sub Contract Masonry Works

Sub Contract Hebel Works

Sub Contract Formwork

Joint Venture Construction Works

A Vibrant & Dynamic

Construction Entity

The Company is recognised as an 

established and respected building

and construction entity, enjoying

excellent working relationships with

industry organisations, unions,

regulators, sub contractors and clients.

Commercial, Residential

& Industrial Builders

Genuine levels of professional courteous

service build the way for mutually successful and rewarding projects

all designed, built and delivered with meticulous attention to detail

and focused commitment

of the highest level.


Mutual Success

'Surpassing client

expectations & a folio

built on a small loyal

group of developers

& clients'


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